Monday, July 21, 2008

Restaurants in Fontenay le comte

One of the questions most frequently asked of me is “what is the best local restaurant” and to be honest this is not the easiest of questions to answer. Of course I have my favourites, but they differ depending on whether I'm with a close friend or in a group, and obviously what I like to eat isn’t everyone’s Idea of culinary heaven. It is therefore true that when recommending a restaurant to a new visitor to my gîtes I can get somewhat bogged down. Do they want a Restaurant with the best ambience or do they want the cheapest meal. Does the Restaurant need to be child friendly and if so how many children do they have and what age are they. Then there’s the biggest question of all which is what type of food do they like? So the simple “what is the best local restaurant” is not always that easy or straightforward to answer.

To that end, on my website, I am now in the process of compiling a guide to restaurants in the area. I am encouraging customers to review the restaurants online, plus my friend Tate writes an exclusive in depth article on all of the restaurants he tries. When possible we add menus and photos to the articles to give as comprehensive a service as possible.

I have nearly completed the page on restaurants in Fontenay le Comte in the south Vendee, and have started on the pages for the Mervent Forest area, the Lucon area and the Marais Poitevin or green venice area. Eventually I hope to cover the whole of the Vendee.

Customers and restaurant owners are encouraged not only to post reviews on the website but also to add restaurants that I have inadvertently failed to include.

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