Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 bedroom gites Vendee

I don’t know about you but when I search on Google for a term like 2 bedroom Gites Vendee I would expect to get information about two bedroom Gites in the Vendee. When I did this search i found #1 has 2 car parking spaces. #2 takes 2 babies. #3 does have 2 bedrooms as does positions 4 and 5. #6 has 2 bathrooms #7 has 1 bedroom. #8 has 4 bedrooms position 9 is ok and position 10 is my own index page, which may seem ok until you realise that i have a page dedicated and optimised for 2 bedroom Gites in the Vendee. This begs the question what good is it to tell Google that you have a page on two bedroom Gites in the vendee if they then index pages that have no relevance to the search term. occasionally it can get quite comical with pages about car hire turning up when you have asked specifically for gite accommodation, is it that Google thinks you may need transport to your holiday rental once you have booked it, on the assumption that you could find it in the first place.
Our two bedroom gites, Sapin and Tournesol are quite different from each other allowing the choice of either Thursday or Saturday change overs and they accommodate 6 persons and 4 persons respectfully.

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